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Happy Hopeful Moms

Happy Hopeful Moms Program

As a hospitalist whenever I was asked to take care of a pregnant woman in the hospital I wanted to run in the opposite direction!

Do you know why?

It’s because you can barely prescribe anything to a pregnant woman without hurting her or her baby!

Is it safe for the baby?

Is it safe for the mother?

Your head spins at the thought of the problems that arise if something goes wrong!

You have to look up every medicine and see what “level of hurting class of a drug” it is to prescribe it.

Every medicine has some undesirable effect that neither the poor pregnant patient nor the prescribing physician wants to deal with.

I have always wondered if there was a solution to first my own anxiety around taking care of pregnant women.

In medical school I almost thought pregnancy was a disease!

It was because a pregnant woman goes through a lot of physiologically normal changes in her body that are sometimes quite uncomfortable- like nausea, back ache, food regurgitation, heart burn, stretch marks, hemorrhoids etc.

What if you got an infection like a urinary tract infection? Or a cold?

And not to mention the delivery….. the pain, the contractions, the bleeding, the anxiety that the baby comes out ok…..

Well, I discovered that you can do so many things to make sure you can have a wonderful pregnancy with easy safe harmless solutions to all the symptoms with no side effects. You can actually experience the joy that comes with pregnancy!


Having said that….

  • Are you going to be a mom?
  • Are you hoping to have a calm, easy, problem-free time during your pregnancy?
  • Do you worry about the nausea and other symptoms?
  • Do you worry about the stretch marks?
  • Do you worry about the delivery as to how well it will go?
  • Do you have concerns about breast feeding?
  • Do you worry about the baby blues?
  • What about the baby? It can also have teeny tiny problems too.
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If you are looking to be a happy mom during pregnancy looking forward to her baby’s arrival and have an easy delivery, amazing breast-feeding time and a healthy baby we have a solution to your desired outcomes.


We offer the Happy Hopeful Moms Program (12 months) for only $1999.99 Includes:
  • Initial Consultation 60 minutes with Dr. Khawaja ($350/- value)
  • 30 minutes monthly via teleconference or in person regarding symptom management. ($1925/- value for eleven- 30 minutes sessions)
  • Direct email access for quick short questions with Dr. Khawaja. ($ Priceless)
  • Custom Pregnancy Kit with 12 medicines ($108 value)
  • Complete detailed instructions about when and how to use the homeopathic medicines as the needs arise.
  • Safe and easy to give homeopathic support for the baby in its initial 3 months. ( $ priceless bonus)
  • 15% discount on acute consults for additional support if needed.
  • Total value $2383/- ($383/- savings)

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